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Crane Games

The crane games that we are offering has virtually no noise, great eye appeal, and is fun for all ages. The prize themes can be rotated to match the holiday seasons, current hit movies and/or the latest craze. Changing the prizes keeps the interest high and encourages repeat customers. We offer licensed prizes that includes DISNEY, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, HARLEY DAVIDSON and many more. If you are interested, Koin King will provide a free, "no obligation" test trial to see if a crane game appeals to your customers.

You Get Half the Profits!

Koin King provides service of the crane game which includes:

  • Refilling the game with prizes
  • Cleaning the game
  • Repairing the game

Your Establishment Provides

  • 110 Volt wall outlet (game runs on pennies a day)
  • Customers
  • A reasonable place to put the crane game

After product costs are deducted "You Get Half the Profits!"

Contact us today to arrange for your Crane Game installation!