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Crane Game Installs

Koin King will install a crane game at your location, free of charge with no obligation. Installation includes the crane game, the prizes to fill the crane game and professional installers. After the installation is complete your establishments starts earning half the profits immediately. The prizes we offer include licensed products by DISNEY, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, HARLEY DAVIDSON and many more. Contact us today to arrange for your installation.

Repair & Service

Service for the crane game machine is done according to the needs of the location. On average, this amounts to twice a week. Collection schedules are made with input from the owner/manager of the location. The owner/manager of the location also helps determine the number of stuffed animals and prizes that are won at your location.

When our crane games need repaired, occasionally they do, we carry repair parts in our service vehicles at all times. Our average time to complete a service call is eight hours. Any machine in need of service will be repaired within 24 hours, and if the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced within 24 hours.

Sales (New & Used)

We also offer new and used crane games for sale. If you are interested in purchasing your own crane game, Koin King can supply your needs. We have many different sizes. Prices vary depending on size and condition of crane game. Installation and repair services are also available for purchased crane games.